Winter 2016 Educational Passages Newsletter

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Director's Note

Educational Passages’ goal is clear and concise: to provide an exciting marine science program to students. As director of this new non-profit I thought this would be easy –get a few boats across the Atlantic and we’d be off and running. The boats crossed the ocean, but the world didn’t seem to notice.

The future looks bright. As you look through the newsletter you’ll see we are working on many different ways to improve our educational offerings.Thank you to everyone who has contributed their time and expertise. This truly is a team effort! ~ Dick Baldwin

We joined respected marine educational associations and started collaborating with colleges, universities, and organizations here and abroad. Suddenly people became enthused and ideas started flowing. We are contemplating the addition of scientific sensors, hydrophones to monitor whale sounds, electronic steering, solar panels and video recording. This collaborative effort and the exchange of ideas have been both exhilarating and productive.

Save the Date!

Fisherman's Forum
March 3-March
Rockport, ME

International Miniboat Regatta!
October 2016
Happening Internationally.
See "Students See the Seas" for more info!