Winter 2016 Educational Passages Newsletter

Full Steam Ahead

STEAM, standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, is the approach Ms. Jessica Dean’s second grade class took when learning about history in a new way by watching tracks of miniboats. Particularly the newest miniboat fleet member: Lightning Boat! (Featured in photo above)
Along with bringing the students their new miniboat, Educational Passages presented stories to the class about sailing trans-Atlantic (top photo). Some topics included how sailing technology has developed from Mayflower’s 1620 voyage to the technology we know today.
The students had been learning about navigation, colonialism and how time can be represented in a scale called a “timeline”. These smart students had lots of ideas on how navigation technology had advanced and were excited to track their miniboat across the Atlantic Ocean in reverse order of the Mayflower’s trip.

Lighting Boat is Scarborough School’s 4th miniboat. Their last miniboat, Red Storm (featured in photo above) crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 2015 and landed in Arranmore, Ireland.
Students from Scarborough and Ireland have been sharing culture and stories through voice threads, an online program that shares recordings and videos. To hear stories please visit:
Payton, Age 8, when asked for her hopes for Lightning Boat said it would be “cool if Lightning Boat landed in the same spot as Red Storm”. Payton added she was surprised by the school in Arranmore, Ireland having only 15 students. When asked what she had learned through following miniboats, Payton responded that she had learned how humans have crossed oceans for thousands of years, and during that time we have found easier ways to build boats from fiberglass.
Reed, age 7, when asked what he had learned from tracking miniboats said the coolest thing is how early settlers marked their territories. He also enjoyed learning about new places and and transatlantic transportation.
Ms. Dean’s class, as well as the other students in Scarborough school system, are so thankful to the Portland fish exchange and the Harmony crew members for their support with launching Lightning Boat this February, 2016.