Winter 2016 Educational Passages Newsletter

Charting New Courses

Crimson Voyager
Morristown-Beard School (MBS), New Jersey, sixth grade class has sent another miniboat across the Atlantic Ocean!
Crimson Voyager is the 4th miniboat from MBS. This newest member to the MBS fleet was launched in December 2015. She was equipped with a variety of items for the finding students including: letters, friendship bracelets, a baseball and pez dispensers. Crimson Voyager is preceded by Crimson Tide (2012), Crimson Cruiser (2013), and Crimson Wave (2014).
The First MBS boat, Crimson Tide, was launched in December 2012. She was recovered by a fisherman in the English Channel of the Normandy coast (featured photo, above). Then she was re-launched and landed in France. Crimson Cruiser traveled to Florida and Crimson Wave sailed to the Orkney Islands in Northern Scotland.
MBS middle school teacher, Ms. Lisa Swanson, says the project provides an exciting educational backdrop that covers a range of topics everything from physics to world languages. Good luck miniboat Crimson Voyager on your newly started journey!

Plocan Partnership
The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN), a state of the art resource for East, Central and the North Atlantic, is launching 5 brand new miniboats. These miniboats are made completely by PLOCAN using a miniboat mold, not from a typical miniboat kit. PLOCAN is expected to deploy the five miniboats in the next few months from different locations across the archipelago. They are already working on the details of these 2016 deployments with several schools who, with a bit of luck and good winds, will be connecting with American schools in the upcoming year. Picture show front and back plans of PLOCAN.