Winter 2016 Educational Passages Newsletter

Cross Continent Check In

Bon Voyage & Canaris
L’Hermione, a replica revolutionary war French ship, has been a great partner for launching miniboats. They helped launched two miniboats; Canaris and Bon Voyage.
Canaris, the first miniboat launched by L’Hermione (featured in photo) has found her way to Senegal, east of Dakar. We wonder if our international connections can help us find Canarias and set her back sailing, hopefully with new Senegalese students tracking her voyage as well.
Bon Voyage (featured in photo below) was the second boat launched by L’Hermione in July 2015. Bon Voyage made an amazing and journey across the Atlantic Ocean into the open arms of miniboat enthusiasts in France.
Though Bon Voyage’s rescue was organized, the weather did not corporate. Though built strong, it appears a storm crashed Bon Voyage into the rocky shore and she was lost at sea. However collaboration efforts are underway to connect French students and Bon Voyage’s sending students. In that sense the spirit of Bon Voyage, and L’Hermione’s partnership nature, lives on!

Photos of Canaris (above) and Bon Voyage with students who monitored her!

Carolina Dreamer
A S.O.S was sent out on January 8, 2016 for the rescue of miniboat Carolina Dreamer. This S.O.S was sent from the fourth graders of St. Andrews School of Math and Science in Charleston, South Carolina. These students have been tracking Carolina Dreamer since May 19, 2015 across the Atlantic. First she sailed to Bermuda, then to Europe! On January 8, 2016, the miniboat was approaching Ireland and her students sought for a champion to find her. By February 2, 2016 Carolina Dreamer had landed in Wales. The Cambridge News wrote an article asking locals to look for her on the shores. Click here, to read the Cambridge news article. Much to everyone's relief, Carolina Dreamer was located in Wales and brought to a local school (photo shows new Welsh students around Carolina Dreamer). Carolina Dreamer not only continues her educational journey, she also was featured in US national news! Click here, to read ABC news coverage. Click here, to read BuzzFeed's Carolina Dreamer story! Congratulations St. Andrew students, because of your dedication your miniboat Carolina Dreamer is a SEA STAR!

Any donation amount would be an amazing gift to the school students watching her journey.
Carolina Dreamer needs new: deck, mast, sail, and possibly a new GPS in order to get back across the ocean!
Donations can be made at the Educational Passages website or checks mailed to Educational Passages, 415 Lincolnville Ave, Belfast, ME 04915.