Winter 2016 Educational Passages Newsletter

New Ship for Science!
These miniboats were designed, and redesigned, by marine architect Mark Fitzgerald.
They are built from molded fiberglass. Boat measurements are: 56” long on deck, with a 17” beam, and draft of 16”.These boats have a hydrodynamic foil with 10 pounds of ballast and a displacement of 30 pounds. The hulls are filled with foam for positive flotation. Evolution Sails, an Educational Passages sponsor, has developed a sail that stands up well in severe conditions.
It is these physics that make the miniboats excellent at self-righting and terrific downwind sailor.
Now Educational Passages and schools internationally have launched over 55 miniboats. These miniboats have repeatedly shown to be seaworthy, they have weathered hurricanes and many have sailed 10,000 miles. One successfully completed a 22,000-mile voyage with five landfalls.
As Educational Passages is growing, miniboat options are growing with us.
Educational Passages and supports strive to connect students with best possible oceanographic tools, so we have looked into designing a different boat which would work better for conducting experiments. This new boat will have the ability to accommodate a multitude of sensors, batteries, and more. We are so looking forward to working with Mark Fitzgerald and other experts to see what we can design and build next!

Thank You!
To all those who have supported and participated in connecting students to science and the ocean though miniboats and drifters! This is an international group effort and couldn't be accomplished with out your continued help and support!